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  • Father David M. Knight

Caring is the Fruit of Love

Tuesday, 5th week of Easter, May 1, 2018

Are we truly aware that a Christian life is one characterized by Love? Do we get up in the morning eager

to show love to everyone we meet all day? When we go to bed at night, do we look back to see if we have been focused on Love?

If those who know us were asked to describe us, would "loving" be the first word on their lips? Is it our first desire, our motivating goal in life, to become a loving person? Is this the "success" we work for? What we think of as "happiness"?

If for us happiness means "being loved," we might feel disappointed. If it means "success," we might fail to achieve it. But no one who tries to be loving can fail. To try is to love. To love is to try. Loving means choosing to be and do what we can for others. To choose this is to love, even if we fall short in countless ways.

If our failures to love distress us, that proves we have loving hearts. Those who don't care about loving don't care when they are not. "If you care, you are there." If in your heart you desire to love, discouragement is a contradiction in terms. What is en coeur, "in the heart," is "encour-agement" by nature.

Jesus invites us to contemplate his heart, pierced and open. His passion on the cross made his heart's passion visible. What crucifies us identifies us.

To live in Love: Care.


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