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  • Father David M. Knight

The Gift of Knowledge

Wednesday, 4th week of Easter, April 25, 2018

Knowledge is the gift of "practical know-how" in the spiritual life. What the Gift of Understanding helps us

grasp in theory, the Gift of Knowledge helps us live out in practice.

What is the best way not to be bored at Mass? How make Mass the "source and summit" of my Christian life? How can I get the most out of Confession—and enjoy it? Am I praying in the way that's best for me? How use my temptations for growth? Make suffering meaningful? Be united with God during work? Make my family a Christian community? "Choose and use" my parish intelligently? Let Christianity make me a better friend, neighbor, spouse, parent, and person?

Do I know how to use what I know to grow into deeper, experienced relationship with Jesus, the Father, and the Spirit? Into loving interaction with other people? Have I ever really tried to be a full-time, full-performance Christian? One who draws people to Christ?

To use the Gift of Knowledge:

  • Read the "operator's manual" for living divine Life—the Bible—asking constantly, "How can I put this into practice?"

  • Read spiritual books that focus on action.

  • Join an action-oriented discussion group. Discuss practical questions with (carefully chosen) friends.

  • Use Confession as a progress report with a priest who focuses on spiritual growth and development, not laws.

And, before everything you do, ask "How does what I am about to do bear witness to the values of Christ?"


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