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  • Father David M. Knight


We are the risen body of Jesus. In and through us he is winning the battle today.


Live by the Spirit. Dedicate yourself to listen to Jesus as a disciple of his mind and heart. Let his words

open you to the Spirit, and let the Spirit give you life.

Ask yourself in prayer and others in discussion, for each statement below: “Do you see this in the Scripture reading? What response does it invite?

Sunday: We know Jesus is triumphing, not from what we see happening in the world around us, but from what we see happening within ourselves.

Faced with injustice or hostility, our immediate response should not be, “How can I fight back?” It should be life-giving: “How can I help, how can I heal this person?”

Monday: The child-abuse horror is a story of clericalism, defined as the unmerited assumption that priests and bishops are more sacred than laypersons.

In God’s human-divine Church, no rank, position, function, even sacramentally bestowed, makes anyone holier or more to be trusted a-priori than anyone else.

Tuesday: “Dryness” teaches us that discipleship is not just human discipline and will-power but a gift of God.

Living as Christ can only be learned by surrender to letting Jesus act with us, in us and through us.

Wednesday: When being unfaithful to God is for us simply a non-negotiable, we have reached the first level of proper relationship to God.

Jesus gives four benchmarks of spiritual freedom: • living by Christ’s teaching;” • being free through personal interaction with Christ; • being faithful to your heritage (e.g. still going to Mass); • knowing God as Father, not just Creator and Judge.

Thursday: Jesus promises us more than God promised Abraham: 1. a “posterity” of people to whom we have communicated the divine life of God; and 2. the Kingdom of God as our “permanent possession “for all eternity.

Friday: It takes courage to study God’s word. But the assurance of victory gives peace even in the midst of conflict.

Saturday: Each of us must be willing to “die” to whatever in us is an obstacle to unity— in our home, parish, workplace, with other Christians and non-Christians.


Say the WIT prayer. Persevere in human efforts to stay conscious of being divine.

Have the courage to read, reflect, speak and do. Be Christ visibly.

Promote unity. Believe in each one’s grace. Hope for change. Live in love.

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