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  • Father David M. Knight


All God asks is “forward motion,” God is always working to set us free from whatever holds us back from him. But he accepts gradual conversion. So should we.


Keep drinking from the pure spring of God’s own words. They raise fruitful questions in our minds to which we can seek more careful answers.

Ask yourself in prayer and others in discussion, for each statement below: “Do you see this in the Scripture reading? What response does it invite?

Sunday: Be suspicious of any voice that leads toward discouragement or suggests doubt about God’s love or readiness to help us.

When we feel discouraged, we are looking at ourselves instead of at Jesus. We should think more about what God is and less about what we are not,

The role of Christ’s disciples is not to drive people away but to draw them in. We accept people as they are, and focus, not on their sins, but on their potential.

Monday:: Optimism is a human judgment based on our perception of human abilities and activity. Hope is divine assurance based on the nature of God.

We can never give up on anyone on earth whom God is still choosing to will into existence, because that is to give up on God.

Tuesday: Some unenlightened teachers discourage questioning, especially about religion. But God is disappointed if we do not question everything he tells us.

Wednesday: The Commandments are the “manufacturer’s instructions” for getting the most out of the human nature God designed for us. But the New Law gives guidelines for living on the level of God.

Thursday: If we are committed to the One God as “Lord alone,” we have made an all-inclusive choice. Anything that calls it into question is an “idol.”

Friday: If we really believe in God’s promises we will do what they call for. If we don’t, perhaps we haven’t really understood what we believe.

Saturday: As long as we are “in the pits” we cannot focus on God in himself; we go to God to escape pain. That is why most people went to Jesus.

When we can hear God’s words without immediately focusing them on our woundedness, we can be students of God’s mind and heart.


Never let any sin or failing block you from interacting with Jesus in every way that is possible for you here and now.

Challenge everything — not to doubt, but to understand.

Do something unimpressive. For starters, put the Bible on your pillow!

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