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  • Father David M. Knight


We get so caught up in things in our culture that are important to others — and ourselves — that we need the Mass readings — readings chosen for us, not by us — to break us out of our tunnel vision and broaden our perspective.


To keep assembling with the community for Mass and listening during the Liturgy of the Word so that truth will catch up with us, whether or not we want to hear it.

Ask yourself in prayer and others in discussion, for each statement below: “Do you see this in the Scripture reading? What response does it invite?

Sunday: If we want a motivating goal for our life, we need to keep striving to make the event of Christ’s death and resurrection the explanation for everything we do. Our glory is to “be Christ.” And his glory is to be manifestly alive and risen in us.

Monday: What limits God is our refusal to open ourselves. If we close our minds, he cannot enlighten us as he wants. If we close our hearts, he cannot love through us as he will. If we refuse to forgive, he cannot give us his peace.

Tuesday: The Liturgy of the Word is part of every Mass to ensure we have direct exposure to God’s words. Secondhand discipleship is deficient and dangerous. We need to obey every legitimate authority, but as disciples, not dumbbells. We should view all opinions and optional customs in the light of the word of God.

Wednesday: We should shun power for ourselves and mistrust it in others. Change is in the air. And the air is the Spirit of God. Every identified abuse is the first blossom of reform.

Thursday: The “rich” are not those who have money, but those who think their money, position or power entitles them.

Friday: Jealousy is to want something another has. Envy is to hate so much the fact the other has what I don’t that I don’t want the other to have it either. Among those doing the work of the Kingdom, there are no competitors; just allies. All religious dialogue should start with what we agree on. We should root in shared and recognized, mutual experience of God.

Saturday: We need to call a sin a sin, because rationalization is deadly. But some sins also have good in them. We can be sorry for the bad without denying the good.


Listen to the readings. Measure yourself by what you hear.

Expect some errors in “ordinary” teaching and practice. Try to fix them.

Trust truth. Don’t run from it. Seek it with an open mind in God’s word.

Never read the Scriptures without active faith, hope and love.

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