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El Ministerio del Padre David M. Knight continúa

Immersed in Christ es una organización sin fines de lucro 501(c)(3) con la misión de continuar difundiendo el Evangelio a través del P. El enfoque distintivo de Knight para hacer crecer nuestras relaciones con Jesucristo. Nuestra junta de voluntarios en expansión, establecida por el P. Knight tiene la intención de hacer crecer el mercado para sus numerosas publicaciones que ya se han compartido en Canadá, México, Guatemala, Nueva Zelanda, Australia, Polonia, Francia, Alemania, Reino Unido, India, Japón y muchos otros países. A nivel nacional, e incluso mundial, cientos de miles de creyentes han adoptado las formas del Padre Knight de “alcanzar a Jesús”.

In addition to Fr. Knight’s first major work, His Way, An Everyday Plan for Following Jesus, first published in 1977, other more recent highly popular works include: Reaching Jesus – Five Steps to a Fuller Life, Nuts & Bolts Spirituality, and most recently, The Way of the Spirit: Using the Gifts, Showing the Fruits published in 2021 and numerous booklets conveying the principles of his living spirituality practices. We will archive and publish a treasure trove of dozens of distinct writings, videos, audio tapes, books and booklets for long-time followers and also a new generation.


Recent accomplishments:

  • Inventoried his printed and video/audio materials

  • Began posting his materials online so that they are available for years to come

  • Reenergized the Immersed in Christ Board to further promote Father Knight’s publications

  • Engaged a Director for Immersed in Christ


Current and short-term plans:

  • Encourage attendance at Diocesan Memorial Mass for Fr. Knight (May 8 at 10 AM at Calvary Cemetery; due to Covid restrictions, bring your own chair)

  • Plan a special Celebration of the Life of Fr. Knight to be held on Saturday, September 4, the 60th Anniversary weekend of his ordination; more information to follow but mark your calendar to attend this live event which will be live streamed for those who cannot attend. As details become available, they will be posted on the website at

  • Complete the following projects that are already in progress (estimated costs $25,000+):

  1. Publish Father Knight’s 2020 revision of His Way 

  2. Publish CD recording of Father Knight’s Sung Rosary 

  3. Publish Spanish translation of Reaching Jesus: Five Steps to a Fuller Life 

  4. Complete the edits and republish Matthew Series Books

  5. Market Father Knight’s next book (already at the publisher), A Fresh Look at the Our Father 

  6. Edit and publish numerous unfinished works by Fr. Knight, as funds become available

  7. Convert dozens of cassettes and videos to digital formats for website, social media, and a Knight YouTube channel

  • Prepare budgets to cover costs of realizing our mission with monthly and annual cash flow statements to ensure transparent accountability and appropriate financial controls

  • Enhance the Immersed in Christ website, including the online bookstore and blog to raise awareness of the work and to facilitate purchase of publications


What can you do to further the mission of Immersed in Christ?


  • Pray daily for the soul of Fr. Knight

  • Pray for the Immersed in Christ Board that we may fully realize our goals to grow the audience and readership of Fr. Knight’s lifelong spirituality books and other materials

  • Attend the Diocesan Mass for Fr. Knight on May 8th at 10 AM at Calvary Cemetery and the September 4 celebration

  • Tell your friends and family about Immersed in Christ and share the website bookstore with them

  • Send (to your updated contact info: cell phone, home and/or business address, preferred email; or provide the information online at

  • Let us know which of your talents you would like to share to support our mission through direct engagement with the Board and any other advisory committees to be established

  • Share your ideas on how Immersed in Christ can succeed in realizing our mission

  • Fr. Knight once said, “If you want to know me, find me in my writings.” To better know him, delve more deeply into his works and promote the Immersed in Christ Bookstore to your family and friends

  • Send your tax-deductible gift to Immersed in Christ to help fund our initial work


Donations can be made to Immersed in Christ by mailing a check to: 


Immersed in Christ

2095 Exeter Rd 

Suite 80-110 

Germantown TN 38138


Or, for those who wish to donate online with a credit or debit card, there is a DONATE button on the website at



Immersed in Christ Board Members:


Lynne Marie Becker, Director                   

Leo Arnoult, Co-Chair                 

Kimble Lee Jenkins, Co-Chair

James Abernathy, Finance Chair                

Mary Jo Greil

Dell Stiner

Mark Underwood

Sergio Vazquez

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