Today's Mass Readings

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The Responsorial Psalm reassures us that even when things seem to be going badly: "God is king of all the earth" (Psalm 47).

Acts 18: 9-18 shows us the Christians being protected from persecution for a change! The Lord tells Paul not to be afraid; that in Corinth, "No one will at- tack you or harm you" And he adds, "There are many of my people in this city."

Sometimes we are so conscious of those wh...

The Responsorial Psalm tells us: "The Lord has revealed to the nations his saving power" (Psalm 98). In the

readings we see him doing it without dramatic "signs and wonders."

Acts 18: 1-8 shows Paul living as an ordinary working man, a tentmaker, in Corinth. And "every Sabbath, in the synagogue, he led discussions," trying to convince both the Jews and the Greeks that Jesus was the Messiah. He persu...

The Responsorial Psalm declares we should praise God both for what we experience by grace and see around us in the world: "Heaven and earth are filled with your glory" (Psalm 148).

In Acts 17:15 to 18:1, Paul begins in Athens by arguing that "The God who made the world and everything in it. does not live in shrines made by human hands." He argues that if we are his "offspring," as Aratus, a poet fr...

From a basis of experience the Responsorial Psalm declares a basis for hope: "Your right hand has saved

me, O Lord" (Psalm 138).

The earthquake in Acts 16: 22-34 that opened the prison doors was a minor revelation of God's power. The conversion of the jailer was a major revelation. God reveals his power when he uses it to accomplish his own purpose, which  is the conversion of the human race.

In ever...

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