The Courage to Be Free

I am writing this on the feast of St. Teresa of Avila, who could claim to be one of the most free women who ever lived. Teresa dared to come “out of the box” and spend her life confronting the infinite Truth and Goodness of God. It brought her into an experienced Oneness with God beyond all description. But she tried to describe it anyway, especially in her book The Interior Castle. I am not going to write about Teresa. She wrote for herself. I want to write about freedom, arguing that a great gift of Christianity is that we don’t have to spend our lives enclosed in the tiny box of merely human experiences and culture, but are free to open ourselves to the infinite Being, Truth, Goodness, an

Crime and Punishment, Sin and Conversion

Every day that we listen to the news our hearts echo the question from Habakkuk (chapters one and two): Too pure are your eyes to look upon evil, and the sight of misery you cannot endure. Why, then, do you gaze on the faithless in silence while the wicked man devours one more just than himself? In one country after another, the pitiless are persecuting the powerless; driving them from their homes, blowing them up in schools, hospitals and market places, starving and slaughtering innocent men, women and children. If indeed God “cannot endure the sight of misery,” why does he continue to “gaze on the faithless in silence?” Why does he let the horror of child abuse continue? If God won’t do an

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